Fresh out of highschool and needs career help..

Okay so I just graduated high school, and I want to continue to college. My goal is to become a ultrasound technician, but I dont want to go to community college and take course classes and then go to school for it, I just want to go straight to what I want to do and get it done fast. I’ve tried looking at tech schools, but I cant seem to find where they offer classes for being this. I’m only 18, and I’m on my own with trying to figure this out. If anyone is an ultrasound technician, or a sonography tech, or has any advice or knowledge on this, please help!?!

Answer #1

Most of the Ultrasound tech positions I’ve seen training for are at community colleges… so – this is not a bad thing. Most of them are 2yr courses OR LONGER depending on the focus you have.

As a person who worked for a radiology company for some time, I got to speak to a large group of people in that very profession — it’s a hard course, but once they completed it they were quite happy. The last person I talked though said her course was a 2yr course at a local community college, and it was very hard, a lot of work involved…

You should consider looking at a community college, or even a grad college and see what’s there.

If you do it at a college, you’ll get some advantages for the financial aspects of doing it in a college and that can’t be a bad thing these days…

Good luck!

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