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I don’t like to spend money on anything. Nothing at all makes me feel loathe like spending out my hard earned money on something that will get outdated next Tuesday. Is there free stuff to find on places like ‘’? I doubt that really gives handouts but I do know that some of you out there are even more frugal than I am.

Answer #1

if you go to they have free samples they will send you. It only takes about a week. It’s pretty fun to go to the mailbox and get free stuff. But remember they are only samples.

Answer #2

Nah, they just sell stuff on their site at ‘’. It’s a very well known electronics retailer, they have huge stores that are blue & yellow kids colors. Their staff wear khaki & yellow shirts usually.

If you want some deals on electronics, I think ebay or amazon’s zshops probably has a better deal than best

Answer #3

yeah the person above me mentioned to go to walmarts website to get free samples.. also sometimes if you visit sites like u can get free samples… i love getting little free things in the mail… i got a pair of hanes underwear even ! lol but another site to look at is but definetly check out walmart’s website and click IN STORE or something :D

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