What free, private help is there for teenagers who want advice?

This is advice on relationships, stress, career.. everything. I know of Connexions but is there anything else? :/

Answer #1

“Career” advice isn’t usually given privately, for free in the US unless you’re in high school, in which case, you can get it from your guidance counselor, or others, but not privately.

There are mental health hotlines and similar you can call, some are listed here: http://funadvice.com/r/3js7kl0gr8

Those cover everything anonymously, for free, other than career.

Answer #2

By private I meant not getting your parents involved, at all. Thanks for your answer (:

Answer #3

Oh, and I’m in the UK not the US..

Answer #4

High school counselors wouldn’t typically share with your parents…

Answer #5

Hey, just seen that you’re from London. Have you ever heard of Connexions? Do you know if they are any in your area? They have advisors that can take to you about anything you want, include career advice. They’re very useful too and provide you with lots of options and advice. Alternatively, you can go on their website and have a live chat with one of the advisors.


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