Freaky song??

Whats the weirdest/creepiest/scariest song you have ever heard???

Answer #1

Get your freak on

Answer #2

Jizz In My Pants

Answer #3

Obscure by Dir en Grey. if you watched the video, you may have to look away, but the end is the best part!!! :) oh, and even if you wish to look away, you just can’t!! HA!!! :) it’s so funny!!!

Answer #4

that would have to be an “INFERNAL MAJESTY” tape I purchased years ago. ‘None shall defy” (the whole tape is spooky) graphic lyrics about jack the ripper, and satanic rituals. VERY FREAKY!!!

Answer #5

They’re Coming To Take Me Away by Napoleon XIV

Answer #6

Akai Sora by Mucc, and anything else by them. They’re a great band but they scare me. They’re heavy metal, but not, you know? You have to listen to them to understand. But Akai Sora should be the firs you look at. Oh and theyre J-rockers/Visual Kei.

Answer #7

obscure by dir en grey is creepy. umm higurashi no naku koro ni by eiko shimamiya leaves a pretty disturbing image as well..

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