would you say the four bases are?

would you say the four bases are 1.kissing, 2.upper body, 3.lower body,

  1. intercourse or …1.kissing, 2.use of hands, 3. use of mouth, 4.intercourse? please resolve this arguement for me and my friends
Answer #1

1st base- kissing 2nd base- felling up 3rd base- fourplay Home plate- intercourse

Answer #2

I think: 1st Base- kissing 2nd Base- feeling up, etc 3rd Base- oral, etc Home Run- Intercourse :)

Answer #3

zeee second one.. definitely

Answer #4

1.kissing, 2.use of hands, 3. use of mouth, 4.intercourse is the one I’d go with

Answer #5
  1. holding hands
  2. hugs and kisses
  3. touching and feeling
  4. head, fingering, oral
  5. Intercourse

thats in my order!! LOL

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