Forming Memory.

In order for us to start forming memories, we have to have already developing a sense of (what)?

Answer #1

I learned about this in psychology, but I can’t remember what it is!

Answer #2

any sense will help develope memory. I believe brain cells are behind this.

Answer #3

This is an interesting question, albeit one that didn’t elaborate entirely on what it was asking for.

IF you are asking about which of our 5 senses (Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch) contributes most to memory, then that’s a little easier to answer. It is estimated that roughly 75 percent of memory can be tied to scent, if I recall the articles I read on this long ago.

You do NOT require visual sense to form memories, but by its very nature memory needs SOME form of input. Vision, Audio and Olfactory are among the most necessary (as Olfactory also encompasses the major part of Taste,) and Touch would likely come in at the rear of the train when it comes to forming general memories. The question gets deeper when you speak of specific types of memories… if you are asking what you remember of how it felt when you brushed your fingertip over a chalkboard, that will encompass mostly the memory related to the sense of Touch.

Hope this answered something you were asking :)

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