Format computer?

Has anyone ever formatted their computer? Go to My Computers, C drive, right click format? What does it do? What happened after you formatted it?

Answer #1

2 options factory restore or clean install ask google and the answer is there you olny formatt as a last stand if all else fails

Answer #2

if you format your comp I think you are basically putting it back at factory settings. pretty much erases everything

Answer #3

when you say formatt your computer what exactly are you trying to do formatt erases all data from a drive so it s clean again if you realy want to clean your hard drive you have two choices 1: was it biught after 2004 and if so it would have a factory backup on it which is usually accessed through F8 or F10 try them all? this then puts it back to the day it came out of the factory 2: you can set up your pc to boot from cd rom either going into the bios or using the short cut shoen on screen to boot sequence eg: F12 then follow the on screen instructions that guide you through the process of installing a new operating system windows searches for existing windows delete these be carefull not to have other drives { external } on and make sure your default I c: follow the instructions and you should be ok

Answer #4

To formatt your HDD is pretty much to wipe it clean of everything. Don’t do It unless you have backups and you are reinstalling windows etc.

Answer #5

Formating Any Drive : Will result in total deletion of the drive. WARNING EVERYTHING WILL BE ERASED FROM THAT DRIVE!

You can read about it more here:

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