Should I forget him and just move on?

OK, so I went out with a guy for a couple months and we fell in LOVE. I mean literally the first time I met him, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. OK, well one day he broke up with me, when I thought we were still in our romantic relationship, because of a reason, as he says, that he didn’t love me anymore. NOW about 2 weeks later, we are kinda friends, I still like him, but…he doesn’t like me. And there’s this other guy, he plays the clarinet, and is super HOT, and I play the flute, and I get an awesome view of him from my chair. So i am split, cuz I don’t wanna make a mistake over a hot guy, and miss out on my Ex liking me again. Because no matter who he asks out, they are going to say no, because all the girls in the grade are mad at him for what he did to me. HELP! luv ya!!

Answer #1

if ur ex doesnt like u any more then just move on like u r . he likes other girls and u like a “hottie” lol it looks like ur waiting for ur ex to ask u back out again when u shouldnt talk to ur “ hottie” and see if he likes u

Answer #2

thanks guys! By the way the hottie, lol, does like me, we are friends, and he was the first one there for me when my Ex broke up with me, lnmtblue: I am getting my hair cut tomorrow!! lol..ironic.

Answer #3

My advice…..dont wait on the guy that broke your heart. If he wanted to be with you he wouldn’t have broke up with you. If you like the HOT GUY has a thing for you go for it.

If your not ready to move on from the ex. Take your time. Do all the necessary thing to get back in the swing of things. Example:(Excercise, get your hair done, ect) Work on you!!! Adventually things will get better.

Answer #4

hey u might wanna check if that clarinet players IS a guy…clarinet???

Answer #5

LOL! Thats good! After my break up I had put highlights in my hair and cut it different.

Let me know if you get with the HOTTIE!!! LOL!

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