Forever the sickest kids

Ok, are there any fans out there, other than me, pissed off that stupid selena gomez is clinging on to them? They just released a single together, and its just going to bring a bunch of teenyboppers to ftsk concerts only to see selena. Thoughts?

Answer #1

Wow you guys are harsh.

Selena, yep, she can act, but she’s a horrible singer. I don’t hate her but I don’t think this whole singing - releasing album will do her any good.

It’s Demi that can sing =))

Answer #2


The whole Selena thing is kinda ruining it for me… It’s like they’re trying to go mainstream or something -.-

UGH… whatever… they can do what they want. But if they keep on going along with this Selena sh!t, they might lost a lot of fan support… =\

Answer #3

I don’t like Selena AT ALL… and yes, she’s being WAY too clingy and is REALLY starting to ruin EVERYTHING. She should go away and live her own life…

Answer #4

Well I liked both seperatly but yeah she is a bit clingy >_>

Answer #5

Yeah I dont like it either. Totally ruins everything.

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