Is Firefox a good browser?

is there anything wrong with it and would it give me vireses and is it better then inturnet explorer?

Answer #1

my opinion is that the fox is the best browser ever…

i havent used internet explorer for years and at this moment in time i have 2 copys of firefox installed, 3.6.11 and 4beta and both are wicked but 4 just nabs it on the head.

firefox is more secure and faster than internet explorer and no, as i mentioned, as its more secure than internet explorer youll not be so prone to getting a virus.

team foxy lol

Answer #2

ok thanks i started downloading it but its not done yet so we’ll seee :) lol

Answer #3

youll love it i promise! also got a persona.. you like cats? look at this one… awwww

Answer #4

Lol! Wow thanks I just figured that out but i chose this one with lots of colors and stuff :) it’s pretty. thanks though.

Answer #5

no probs.. i use dark fox but you cant see much of it lol

Answer #6

Firefox is the best browser I’ve ever used. I absolutely LOVE the addons you can install for it. ^^

Answer #7

I agree with matty…I love firefox over any other browser but have some trouble smx loading some sites so keep a spare on the side just in case it acts up.

Answer #8

Yes, it is the best. I’ve tried google chrome and internet explorer and opera and still prefer firefox. It doesn’t give nearly as much errors as the others plus it is a lot faster than IE

Answer #9

I suppose my answer is yes. However I personally prefer Google Chrome to it. Firefox is popular because it is designed to be friendly to older people who have a hard time navigating around the Internet.

Answer #10

my moms in her mid 50s and she loves firefox :D mind you its the only one i let her use lmao

Answer #11


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