what's better ford or chevy ?

Answer #1

ford 89% better=)

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Answer #6

Are those your only options? Both have decent trucks and Chevy trucks are maybe better, but otherwise there’s not much. Ford has a few decent cars and Chevy almost none.

Answer #7

I think Chevy if built to last , Ford is more style-ish , and Dodge is a lot more powerful! But it’s up to what brand you like.

Answer #8


Answer #9

chevy just suck

Answer #10

FORD BBY ALL THE WAY!!! First On Race Day.

Answer #11

if you look back on hp made by mustang and corvette… chevy hands down… if you look back on style and elagance then mustang is more consistant there are some ugly years for the vett. if we’re talking trucks then its pretty fair game I myself am a chevy guy. chevy = more engine power

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