How has everyone been fooled today?

Answer #1

Twice one was funny. The other was a real jacked up prank. I hope karma gets them in the ass, what they did was REALLY sick.

Answer #2

If you don’t mind me asking, what was so bad ?

Answer #3

I pranked my boss by telling him I had chicken pox and wouldn’t be into work

Answer #4

Three girls pretended like one of my friends fell down the stairs and was badly hurt and had to go to the hospital. They kept saying it really did happen, took a picture of her, and said they were crying and praying etc. Then an hour and a half later after getting everyone worried they said “April fools” one of the girls deleted all the tweets she sent during the 3 hour period, but the other girls kept their tweets. Then the girl who is also my neighbor, who pretended to be hurt tweeted “i’m fine”. I don’t find april fools funny when people like them ruin a fun day.

Answer #5

Elmo scared me with his response to Colleen sayin the site was gonna shut down, and I thought Bellsie was gonna leave. No one in my personal life got away with any tricks, but all is well, mine failed to

Answer #6

They took it Wayyy to far

Answer #7

i wasnt fooled but my boyfriend and i fooled all my friends by pretending to get into a huge fight and stuff XP they didnt find it funny when we told them it was a joke. I also told my parents i was pregnant. Again they didnt find my joke humorus

Answer #8

My mom was like, How did your bunny get out of his cage??? & I was like O.O runs to check on bunny. & my mom was like APRIL FOOLS! That is all lol.

What about you? :)

Answer #9

I haven’t got any victims yet…

Answer #10

well theres this chain letter i got from this guy that said to delete my # and then i read april fools….but when i was reading it i was freaking out bcuz i didnt know what i did wrong and this guy is very important in my life soo ya!! :) :P

Answer #11

My brother told me that my friend left town already >.> his family is moving soon but I didn’t know when and since I didn’t go to my class yesterday I didn’t know anything :P He eased my shock shortly after he got my reaction by saying “Happy April Fool’s”. lol So its all good XD

Answer #12

Colleen gave me teh heart lapse O_o

Answer #13

this girl i havent talked to in a while posted a pic and captioned it said she “couldnt wait to meet him in may something”. i was like “what the heck”. she had a picture of her belly which made her look like she was 7 months and everything. but it was just april fools. lol

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