Does anyone follow soccer on here?

Answer #1

I’m sure there are plenty of people following “soccer” on here…or, proper football, of course. Fußball!

Answer #2

like, watch soccer? yess :D

Answer #3

Yeah, but I’m from England so it’s a big thing here!

Answer #4

I favor Bayern Munchen.I like Ribery and Toni Luca before.

Answer #5

Do you have a favorite team you follow?

Answer #6

Bayern has a great team! My team is Mainz. They have a great start this year, it might be their best year in the Budesliga.

Answer #7

I have followed the Great Manchester United Football Club for many years and live close enough, to the awesome MUFC “Theatre of Dreams” Stadium, to get there on foot in less than an hour.

“ Glory Glory Man. United …”

Answer #9

I <3 soccer!!!!!i would if i could find it…

Answer #10

Sure do. Love our Australia Socceroos (the team will never get into the finals) but Spain is my favourite. :-)

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