Does the fluidity bar work?

Has anyone here achieved results using the fluidity bar? How much weight did you loose? How many weeks did it take? Did you change your food habits?

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I’d check out this thread, which has some information AND warnings:

Hope it helps!

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I purchased the Fluidity bar January 2008 and me, my husband and my older sister all love it. I was just pregnant and was sick every day of my pregnancy Fluidity was a nice way to keep excising without having to leave home. I have done ballet my whole life but now am a college graduate and a stay at home Mom so being in class is not practical. Fluidity makes me feel strong, feminine and happy after I use it. I’m not even very tired when I finish the workout.

As far as weight loss goes I gain about 45Ibs while pregnant and nursed until just recently. I lost all but 15 pounds within the first few months and the other 15Ibs I am hoping are coming off soon now that I am finished nursing.

My husband has always been an active guy but doesn’t have time to go to a gym. He used Fluidity for a few months and testifies that it helped with his back problems, helped him feel better and stronger and gained a few inches around his chest and arms…very sexy. :)

My sister has had two children and not lost her baby weight she bought Fluidity also being a former ballerina. She has lost over 15 pounds and fluidity has solved her wrist pain that she had constantly.

I think that it is totally worth the money because I can use it my whole life to keep in shape. I can do it while my baby is napping and I can stop and go at my own pace. Nobody has to watch and it really isn’t as hard to store or as big as everyone makes it seem. It is a lot easier then most at home gyms.

I have back problems and stretching with Fluidity helps more then a professional massage.

Hope this helps.

I would total recommend it and I do.

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