Fluctation of intelligence

When I was younger, I took an online IQ test, and it said my IQ was 160-something. I took a paper IQ test, it said my IQ was 110-something. I have taken online IQ tests since then, I have gotten scores of 110-something to 120-something. It made me wonder this: is intelligence supposed to go up or down as you age?. Do any of you know?

Answer #1

Like the others stated, the are really no accurate online intelligence tests. However, even paper tests have so many variables that it’s very difficult to actually get an accurate answer. Simple things like having a bad/off day or not have gotten any sleep the night before can vastly effect your score. There are innumerable things that can happen that change your score. Intelligence is something that scientists are still studying today, but intelligence more than likely doesn’t fluctuate at any determinable rate.

Answer #2

There are no accurate online tests…

Answer #3

Don’t trust online tests, most of them are VERY inaccurate.

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