Does flexing your boobs make them bigger?

does that make them bigger. hahah

Answer #1

well it does… but it doesnt unless you plan on flexing them the whole day it wont help much and it kinda make them look shaped weird haha

so I just push them half way out my bra and flaunt em =]

Answer #2

as far as I know the only thing that makes your boobs bigger is a boob job, a push up bra, padded bra or gel pads in your bra, NOT flexing sorry :)

Answer #3

well actually.. ha ha my friend tried doing it.. and trust me.! they got huge. but they do make you get stretch marks

Answer #4

yea it kinda does but you can only do it for like a couple seconds

Answer #5

only for guys their person

Answer #6

Highly doubt it.

Answer #7

is it true if you drink soy milk it makes the boobs bigger?

Answer #8

if boobs are muscles then yes, otherwise probably not

Answer #9

Haha it works for guys :) don’t know about girls lol

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