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Is Six Flags America in Washington DC very dangerous?

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I have been hearing very harsh criticism of six flags America and people are slamming this amusement park. I don't know why..they are saying that it's because a lot of blacks live in the area called prince George county...and say they are part of the reason why the park has sunk. Some guy Daniel Snyder I believe who runs the park said that he should rename the park to DC's Wild Kingdom and the entrance should say Welcome to the Jungle! Now I happen to be African American and I find that a little offensive. I don't know how dangerous Six Flags America is but a lot of whites I guess are critizing the blacks claiming that they ruined the park. Because now their are gangs their I hear and even the staff employees are rude as well I hear,and the rides break down-is six flags America really this bad? Because I had planned on visiting the park of I visited it-if these are all true then I won't be visiting the park. But people should try to clean up the park-I hear from some reviews that six flags America is clean however but some say it isn't. I mean jordin sparks is a well known celebrity and she went their so i don't see how the park can be that bad to be honest. What's the truth about Six flags America? Why haven't they cleaned up the place if this is all true?