How do I fix my "disk error occurred, CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart" problem, windows 7?

. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! i need to desperate help!!!!?? everytime i turn on my windows 7 laptop, it comes up with A disk read error occurred CTRL + ALT + DEL to restart. I do what it says and everytime it comes up with the same thing? i dont know all the fancy words like ISO and all that but please please please can you explain to me on how to fix it as simply as you can. i need it to be fixed urgently if you could help me, then i would be very grateful, thankyou xxx

Answer #1

it seems like you have a bad sector in your HDD. try check disk before booting up from windows.

Answer #2

um i had a problem like that and i ended up having a killer virus on my toshiba so my best advice would be to go to a buddy or the geek squad and have check ur computer for viruses and if u doend up having one then they can most likely take it off

Answer #3

if you know how to remove your HDD and install externally to scan for virus might help too.

Answer #4

lets try the simple thing 1st… as your laptop is booting up press the ‘delete’ key to enter the bios. once in there look for ‘boot priority’ or something similar and make sure HDD or the actual name of your HDD is set to 1 and disable 2 and 3. if others are there 4, 5 etc disable them too. them except the changes you made and see if it now works…

if its still teh same, as its booting again hit the F8 key while your hardware is being listed and youll have the option to ‘repair your computer’ aswell as starting in safe mode etc etc. personally id see if i could boot in safe mode but the best thing for you will be to just select ‘repair my computer’

let me know the out come.

Answer #5

well, thanks but by the time i’ve just read your comment i already have sorted it out to be fixed and they said something like it was an error with my hard disk and they will have to replace it with a new one, but thankyou anyway :)

Answer #6

no probs lil bit glad you got it sorted :)

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