My Dad doesn't even care!!!

Well… recently we have been doing coursework and reports and stuff at school in some of our subjects…

All of the work that I have done I have gotten A‘s in, it is at GCSE level… I got A‘s in geography, maths, Art, Business Studies, and in a piece of english coursework, and my maths report got shown to other teachers, and stuff like that…

I told my Dad, and he barely even cared, he just complained about having to sign that he had seen my grades…

My mum would have praised me so much, and I put loads of effort into my work… why doesn’t my Dad care?

It upsets me because what is the damn point in putting in that much work if I don’t even get any praise?

Please help

Answer #1

I think you should talk to your father seriosly. he seems to be very busy with his work and probably doesnt spend a lot of time with u. maybe you are trying to get good grades only to grab his attention, like you want to make him proud of u. if it is really so, you should tell him about the way you feel. from what you said, I understood that there is a lack of communication between you and your dad. maybe you both miss your mom but you still have each other. remember this to your dad. im sure he will understand. BTW you are SO intelligent!!! =)

Answer #2

you should be doing homework for yourself =] not for someone else

as long as your grades make you happy thats all that matters

Answer #3

Working less or not doing the work is unreasonable.

Grades will suffer.

Answer #4

Work less. If he doesn’t care than don’t do the work.

This isn’t helpful but you seem just like my sister, a keener.

Answer #5

your praise is that you get an A…and you dont get your stuff taken away for having bad grades…just chilll…

Answer #6

Tell him that you have feelings to.And that you need him to care!!!

Answer #7

I grew up in a family like this, My mom and dad split up and my dad didnt care about anything. I would go to his house and he wouldnt even care if I even did my homework, but the others are right, just because someone doesnt care or doesnt seem to care, should not make you not want to do it, Just do what you know is right and keep up the good work for yourself. In the long run, it should teach you what you know you will not do in the future with your kids.

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