first time having sex

I want to have sex with my new boyfriend but I dont know if he wants to or if hes ready

Answer #1

if he talks about sex a lot or is really phsical with you he’s probably ready. if you usually kiss him first or just doesn’t seem like the type he’s probly not. although, it’s always best to ask.

Answer #2

if youre not even comfortable enough to talk with him about how having sex than YOU are not ready.

Answer #3

You said ‘new’ boyfriend… exactly HOW new?

Answer #4

ask him. duh! common sense people. c’mon, yer wasting internet space with these pointless questions/statements.

Answer #5

I’ve already banged gaven bit*h just kidding whorehay I lvovvve you

Answer #6

how old are u? why lose virginity young? think things change and people do to and leave think long an hard about it

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