When was your first kiss?

Just wondering... when was you first kiss...

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my first meaningful kiss was on my thirteenth birthday,
it was dark and my boyfriend happened to live in my
neighborhood so we after my party, we went walking
on a trail and he grabbed me and kissed my in the
moonlight. it was cuteee. I miss it.

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my first kiss with tongue was horrible!!! I was 13 and this guy totally shoved his tongue in my mouth before fsdljkhauioh;erhl IT WAS GROSS.

my first lip kiss was cute. it was with this guy we might of been around 8 and first we went back and forth kissing each others cheeks for I don't know a minute or so then we just kissed and it was very cute.

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first kiss I was 8 first make out was 10 .

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it was in new years when I was 11

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i'm waiting for mine... i have a bf that i love sooooooooooooooooooooooo much but i want him to kiss me after we are at least engaged and even better, i want my first kiss on my wedding day *HEARTS*

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It's when I was 12. I had a crush on my neighbor and I told her that I had to go to a make out party and had never kissed a girl, hoping she'd offer to let me practice with her. Thankfully, I was right and we kissed. This led to a long string of kisses and we practiced other 'sexual' things with each other for a while.

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