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What is your first kiss story?

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my first kiss was kinda based on a dare lol. 4 years ago my friends kept telling me to go kiss my boyfriend and I was always shy when it came to that so I always kept saying no until they drove me insane so I ran up to him and kissed him aha. wasnt the most amazing thing in life but at least I did it(Y)

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mine was horrible
ok so he was my first boyfriend and everything
so he was walking me to class and stopped looked around real quick and kissed me for like maby 5 to 10 seconds
then got all paranoid and said hed see me later
well I find out he was cheating on me(hence the looking around)
lol if that wasnt bad enough he had just got done smokeing and was chewing gum
and he used his tongue way to much
nope definitly the worst kiss of my life(: lol

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me, him, and my two best friends were hanging out in the park when my friends mom Came to come pick us up. the whole time we hung out that day, my friends had Bren trying to get us to kids. but when he was giving me that long, warm hug goodbye, when I leaned back to let go, he said"what I don't get a kiss?" and too quickly haha, I kissed him and let go. apparently my friends were behind me mouthing, "KISS HER!" so it wasn't the best but it was nice =)

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DX I hated the guy who I gav my 1st kiss 2
he was 11 and I was 7 (kissing was gross 2 me back then)
he took my doll and said he wouldnt giv it back unless I kissed him
I didnt believe him
but then he ripped the head off
so I kissed him XP
dam kid frenched me
sooo ya ^_^

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I had my first kiss when I was 17 with my boyfriend in the back of his friend's Jeep. Total make-out session. It was awsome!! :0)

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My first kiss was the best kiss everrr, well I had my first kiss one month ago but really it was the best kiss and we're planing for the second kiss but we're just taking a break from each other :(:( and I donno when's the second kiss:(

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It was under a odd shaped bunk bed with twins at the age of 12.

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