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Tell me about your first kiss? [:

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my first kiss was with "blank". we were at a birthday party,in 2006.. we hated eachother! but somehow at the end of the day we ended up going out,having a fake wedding,and kissing several times! hahahhahaha that day ill never forget.. now were really close friends and we always talk about that dayxD

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Ima tell you about my first kiss with joseph :]

we were outside and he was sitting on his sk8 board and I was with my friend's stephanie & samuel. Samuel complained he was hungry and it got to the point where he started walking off toward stephanies house. Stephanie said we'd better get going its getting late and the king is starving xD
so, joseph got up and said bye. He hugged me. Then he kissed me. It was so unexpected. A million things were flowing through my mind as my heart beated through my chest. It was very short. But it seemed to last a million years. I remember everything about that day . Best day of my life :/

I saw them kissing..

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I first kissed my girlfriend when I was in the 8th was on her apartements terrace...its was really a memorable moment.can't ever forget it...even though we ant together anymore ...I still miss her...

Why won't she kiss me?
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WelL .
Why should I tell youu [x

How do you kiss??!!! help!

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