Will the doctor know if i've touched myself?

ok well my boyfriend and I have been goin out for some time..and well about a day ago we were on the phone and we were talking about some things that we wanted to do..and he told me he wanted to eat me out and finger me...he then asked me to finger myself...while I was talkin to him on the phone and well I did..and it felt really good..lol..but yeh then when I was done I didnt bleed or any thing..does that mean im still a virgin?..because my mom wants to take me to the doctors for a check up..will the doctor know?.

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LOl No one will know what you did. and nothing will happen. the doctor wont even know unless you tell him. Also you are still a virgin untill you have s*x so you are safe!

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Yes you are still a virgin... you lose your virginity when he sticks his pen*s in you once that happens then you arnt a virgin anymore.

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haha nope he wont know

Are you still a virgin if you've been fingered?

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