Can you finger a boy?

Can you finger a boy?

Answer #1

hehehe…. If your boyfriend is into that stuff then i say sure go for it but make sure that he actually wants it (give him some warning) all long as u are both comfortable with it….

Answer #2

yea his ass hole lol

Answer #3


can yhu finger a bOy ?

maybee if yhu take his private part off and make it a vagina then yeshh !

Answer #4

i dont think so. If he had a vagina then yeh. I hope he doesnt then that would be very very strange. its called a Hand Job =]

Answer #5


Answer #6

the only way you could finger a boy is if you finger his butt!

Answer #7

I was reading the comments about fingering boy ask your boy and if he said yes go for it , my girlfried do it dose it for me and I loved it , it makes the pines harder and cum loads . you can finger your boy belive me he will love it .

Answer #8

Yes! of course you can. I shoot my best loads when I have either my finger or someone elses’ finger up my bum, while getting a BJ or handjob (totally shoot way over my head).

Guys just make sure your clean. You don’t want any surprises (it could ruin the moment). LOL !!

Answer #9

Well, it depends on what you call “fingering.” If it’s anything you do down there with your fingers, you can call teasing his penis with your fingers “fingering,” although it’s more like caressing. The point is, “fingering” means pleasing with your hand when you’re doing it to a woman, and the equivalent for doing it to a man (rubbing his penis, balls, etc with your hand) would be a “handjob” because you’re using the entire hand as opposed to just the fingers.

Or, if you’re really kinky and don’t mind the obvious grossness, you can “finger his butt” like bluechic9 said, but that’s basically sticking your fingers up his ass. Your call.

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