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Is it bad to finger yourself if you havent had your period yet


Im 14 and i havent had my period yet. I havent had a bf and i want to finger myslelf. Is it bad an how do i do it!:)

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not bad especially if I do it for you lol :))

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Fingering has nothing to do with your period, however doing so might stimulate your hormones and cause your period to come sooner. Every girl is different, but masturbation with not be any different if you have or haven't had your period before.

Is it bad to finger yourself if you havent had your period yet?

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ya go ahead f****ck away at you r self its ok like its ok to do other things that are perverted and if that leads to waching porn its f****cking great enjoy it.

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Absolutely not. Enjoy.
However, make sure your hands are clean and your nails are smooth. ALSO acrylic nails are more likely to scratch than natural ones, so keep that in mind.

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It's not bad at all! And to do it slide your finger down your vagina until you find the hole. Stick one finger in and move it in and out.. that's basically it! It may hurt the first time you do it, and there may be a bit of blood as your hymen may rip your first time.

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Don't worry; it's definitely not bad.

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