Can you help me find a thesis for my informative speech on Halloween?

Bleh. I don’t know why I need a thesis and a purpose statement but I do. And I’m not sure what it should be since it’s not an argumentative speech. So what reason can I say to them (besides my teacher is making me so just shut up and listen) that will explain why they should know the content of my speech? :s

P.S. It’s just a speech in speech class on how Halloween began.

Answer #1

Wow I’m doing an informative speech on Halloween too!!

Answer #2

nice, lol. so do you have a thesis?

Answer #3

Just give a basic knowledge of how it began, like when, where, why and shorten it into one sentence. all a thesis is is the main idea of the essay

Answer #4

This was my thesis or w/e: Trick-or-treat! Halloween is just around the corner and many people probably have plans to dress up, watch a scary movie, or something to celebrate. What many people don’t know, however, is the origin of such activities. After this speech you will know more about the history, culture variations, and suspicions of Halloween.

Answer #5

O.O you almost EXACTLY followed my teachers rules. But thanx so much!! :) This helps a ton!

Answer #6

np ;3

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