Where can I find a good site for posting my work/blogging?

I’d need to be able to upload photos because I’m intending this blog to be for my nail art, just to show people and for other people interested in nail art to follow/read, learn designs etc. But I can’t really find one that I like the look of. I’d like to make my posts colourful and fun as well.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. :]

Answer #1

I think Blogger is very good. You can track who from which countries are visiting your blog, which ads are bringing in more traffic, and you can add widgets and even create your own. I recommend it.

Answer #2

Thank you, I’ll go check it out and give it a go.

Answer #3

Cool, blogger is good because you can post photos (like you say you want to do) and you can have a side bar and stand alone pages.

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