Where can I find a scientific calculator for my son?

My son is entering the 6th grade next year and needs a scientific calculator. How expensive are they and where can I find one?

Answer #1

Scientific calculators can range from 10-150 dollars. I bought mine last year at Walmart.

They only real difference I saw in mine and the expensive ones was how it processed the information and the screen size.

Answer #2

They sell those calculators at Staples, Walmart, Target, and K-Mart.

Answer #3

Try target, i buy all my scientific calculators for school there. They sell them at great prices.

Answer #4

You can buy one online. The cheapest one I saw at amazon dot com was 6.99$, the most expensive one was 104.41$.


Answer #5

Schools usually recommend or require a specific model of calculator. I doubt your son would need an expensive on for 6th grade math.

Answer #6

When I was at school, they supplied the scientific calculators (for a price of course) to ensure that every student had the same one (apparently some don’t have all the functions, some are not allowed at school- too functional, etc). Maybe you could ask the school where they would prefer you to buy one from? Otherwise, try a stationary shop, or ask your son’s friend’s parents where they are planning to buy theirs.

Answer #7

We didn’t need scientific calculators ‘til year eight and they were $20-$30 from the newsagency or school office.

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