What is a way to find a religion where u belong?

Answer #1

Research different religions, and see which one fits your beliefs. If none do, then you could be atheist.

Answer #2

I have done that have found no where where I belong, I don’t believe I’m athiest, I just find it hard to believe in something I can’t see, maybe its faith I have a problem with rather than religion itself, I’m not sure

Answer #3

You start out with basic beliefs. Do you believe in a God or many gods, or no gods. If you believe in one God, look at monotheistic religions. If you believe in many gods you look at polytheistic religions, if you dont believe in gods, you look at atheistic religions or other religions that connect with other sorts of powers. That should get you started. More details on your belief systems would help us direct you. Oh and if you dont believe in the concept of a higher power, than yes you are an atheist. But there are atheistic religions. If you dont believe in a higher power or have any other spiritual beliefs, well then you’re not really looking at any religion.

Answer #4

I can’t really find a religion in which I fit perfectly into. So I just kind of made up my ownl. I have my beliefs, and while they may not have a special label on them, they are mine and fit me great.

Answer #5

First realize we don’t ‘belong’ to religions, we BELONG to G-d. Next read various religious texts prayerfully to understand what YOU believe. Then visit websites of various denominations and religions to read their statement of belief and see if it matches yours. Finally, visit those that most closely fit into your view of G-d. Remember, you aren’t there to meet with people (because in the end we’re just that: flawed person), but it would be nice if they at least try yo practice/walk the walk they say they do, not just talk the talk.

Answer #6

I have big issues with believing in something or someone I can’t see, I have had many horrible things happen to me in my life and I ask if thr is a god how cud he let that happen, I have been told it was the devil at work, not god, thx for ur advice

Answer #7

Good for you! While I like the one I was raised in (SDA), I aso have issues with how they aren’t as familiar with what they practice as they think they are. I noow practice as a Jewish Adventist, as both faith are the closest approximation I can find!

Answer #8

So u don’t find it a bit strange that u don’t fit into the mainstream? I have never been very much mainstream either, I have always done wat feels rite, not wat others suggest

Answer #9

I have done that and just can’t find anywhere that fits me, my biggest issue is believeing in something or someone I can’t see

Answer #10

research a few, don’t for get the Unitarian universalism!

Answer #11

I found the perfect religion for me about 15 years ago and since that point have been overjoyed spiritually. I know I am exactly where I belong. I don’t think you can really “find” the perfect religion for you, I think you open yourself to all possibilites and it will just come to you.

I wish you luck on your spiritual quest. There are many fantastic religions on this planet and when you find the one that sings with your soul it is a beautiful thing.

Answer #12

Well I haven’t actually found a religion I fit in. So I kinda just believe what I believe. But ok, lets look at your beliefs. Here’s the thing. There’s several ways to reconcile your beliefs. Either you believe in a God that doesn’t really control anything. Or you believe in a God but also a devil. Or you believe in a God that is somehow punishing you. Or there’s no God. Or I dunno something else. It’s up to you how you see it. I believe in a God. So I fit it together is I believe in a distant God, one who doesn’t do anything. That works for me. You just have to see what works for you. If you dont believe, then you dont believe. Apart from God, do you have any other spiritual beliefs?

Answer #13

So how do I find where I belong? I have done a lot of research and footwork and just can’t find it

Answer #14

Have you researched Buddhism? It misht be a path you’d enjoy

Answer #15

Perhaps going to different services and Rituals. Research is one thing, expereince is another

Answer #16

The one thing people get tired of me sayin is “things happen for a reason”. Many of my friends say maybe I don’t belong anywhere, that I shud just b a good person and do wat I can for others, I do also believe wat goes around comes back around

Answer #17

Yes I have but I didn’t quite get it if u know wat I mean

Answer #18

I would pray about it. If you believe that God exists, then pray to Him to lead you to the right religion for you. Go to different churches, see how you feel about each. It’ll take time to realize that you “belong” to a religion tho, so I wouldnt expect to feel “in” right away. Honestly, you might never feel as if you are in the perfect religion for you. So I would pray, and visit, you’ve already done your research. Feel it out.

Answer #19

Personally, I would suggest going to a Christian church. Non-denominational… Give it a shot! Good luck!! (:

Answer #20

what do you believe?

Answer #21

what do you believe?

Answer #22

I believe things happen for a reason and wat goes around comes back around, I don’t believe someone or something has control over my destiny, I think I control that, if I want good things to happen then I need to do good things for that to happen

Answer #23


Answer #24

That’s wat I meant by footwork, I have been to at least 10 differant churches, I have been searching for where I belong for a very long time

Answer #25

so you believe in karma? buddhists believe in that, i know.

Answer #26

That fits in with the concept of Karma. Alright, so if I understand, you dont believe in a God and you believe in like a Karma type concept. I’d look into Buddhism. Is there any particular reason you feel the need to find a religion that fits? Are you actually looking for a place of worship or other followers? Or do you just want to know what to call yourself? Because I go to a non-denominational christian church. I dont consider myself christian, and they’re aware of that, but he is open to all beliefs. I’m just saying that if you’re trying to find a place like that, it’s a different thing than if you’re just trying to find a label that fits for you.

Answer #27

I don’t have a mainstream bone in my body!

I am who I am and I believe what I believe.

I prayerfully research and study and do what makes sense.

Religious separation is more of a cultural and political construct than anything. The goal of most religions is to become closer to your diety, seek goodness and light, yet wetend go with a belief “system” even if it goes against what we know to be true simply to fit in.

Faith isn’t about fitting in, it’s about looking up..

Answer #28

That’s exactly right, and I’m in search because I want to find other followers and a place to worship, it just seems as though I’m 16 and no one understands because I don’t fit into wat they call religion because I don’t belive

Answer #29

Thx for all ur advice I appreciate it

Answer #30

I don’t have a problem with it at all. I don’t really see why we need a word for our religion. When people ask me what religion I am, I just say ‘Hmmm, I made my own’ lol and it’s all good. I don’t have a problem with the fact that I’m not ‘mainstream’, to be honest, I don’t really think anybody is mainstream.

Answer #31

your welcome!

Answer #32

Well I’d look into the more liberal christian churches that dont have requirements. Unitarian Universalists being great or Universal Life Church. Some buddhist temples may be open minded, depends on where you live. You might want to also look into the new age religions. If you’re wondering why those recommendations, Islam tends to be less inclusive, even the more liberal mosques expect conversion for membership. As far as I know that is also true of the Jewish faiths, but I have less firsthand knowledge on those.

Answer #33

I found the perfect religion for me a year ago, everyone was accepted whether you were gay, bi or straight, black or white ect. I loved doing spells and rituals and having a close and personal coven instead of going to church.

And my value in a religion is that EVERYONE can join and that you can connect with people.

Look for a religion that holds your values and one that you can connect with.

Answer #34

That’s my problem I have done a lot of research and just can’t find one, may I ask wat religion u found?

Answer #35

Wicca which comes from the root religion Paganism. There is a lot of misconceptions about Wicca and Paganism like apparently we are evil witches who ride brooms and turn people into forgs :P Don’t worry, all myth about Wiccas and witches are lies made up by other religions because they were threatened by Wicca’s popularity.

I’m not one to preach. Just saying, I’ve heard some pretty weird ideas about Wicca :P

Answer #36

So how exactly does it work?

Answer #37

I’ll Funadvice you, it’ll take a while :P

Answer #38

Ok thx

Answer #39

Find a religion that teaches you to think and how to use its tenents in life. That one should not believe in what others tell them what to believe or how to believe. It should be what is real to the individual and that what they see is real works in everyday life.

Answer #40

To begin with i think it would be a good idea to pray to God about the subject from the bottom of your heart and be humble enough to accept the way HE shows you to be the answer. Have you trayed that before?

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