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Can someone help me find prices for an Amtrak train from Boston to New York City?

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using this website :

I'm having trouble finding the prices for a ROUND TRIP from Boston to New York City. Heres most of the info you should need:

  1. We are leaving from Boston ( South Station ).. and want to leave in the morning sometime around 9:30 or so ( time doesn't really matter.. but as close to 9:30 as possible)

  2. We just want to arrive in New York City.. ( I don't know the exact station..but we just want to get to NYC overall)

There are 2 adults.. and 4 kids going

Round trip details:

We want to arrive back at South Station on November 6th in the evening.

Extra details: 1. we want the LOWEST price 2. we will take coach.. NOT first class

If you need anymore info please message mee.. i just want to take the train into new york instead of driving because I get car sick really easily! Thanks(: