How can you find someone you have limited information on?

I know this is gunna sound a little stalkerish but I want to find this girl I used to go to school with back in pre-k. It’s because my mom is always saying she’s gunna find her for me(we were best friends back then) but obviously my mom never rlly tried. But recently a pic if my 6th grade class got put on fb and everyone was tagged,commented on it, and we all caught up. And yesterday when I was cleaning my room I found a pic of my pre-k class and it got me thinking about what could happen if we saw/found each other again. So anyway I know her first name,part of her last, and where she went to school in1995/96. So (how) can I find her?

Answer #1

there are a few ways,

  1. if you have there full name nad know what they look like then you can search them on networking sites
  2. if anyone else knows this person ask about little bits such as there name or email and such
  3. if it was someone you met online on a site lets say omegle(a site were they let you talk to random peaple) enless they gave you the state,town, zipcode, or the last name with one of these well theres a good chance you wont find them
  4. if you know at least there cellphone or home number go to a phone dracing website
Answer #2

ya i relized i acdently skipped 4 XD

Answer #3

ok i didnt finish reading the script sry if she was in your prekay then you can try adding peaple on yearbook from your prekay on facebook or just find some peaple who you rember the names of and ask if they rember her

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