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Can anybody find me a heavy metalcore/post-hardcore/ect. band with all of these elements?

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New Hardcore Music!!Screamo/hardcore/post-hardcore/metalcore/ ANYTHING that meets the discription. I made another post awhile back and I have looked at a majoraty of every band out there. I'm looking for something EXTREMELY specific.Something I haven't heard before. I would be surprised if anyone could give me one band with everything I'm looking for - but thats why I'm asking. I'm looking for a band with AWESOME screams, and AWESOME clean vocals - a keyboard is a neccessity. Perferably piano stye, but any kind of keyboard makes a huge impact on a band. No crunkcore, I loathe autotune. Right now, my two favorite bands are In Fear and Faith and Asking Alexandria. I'm looking for a band with more screams, but there has to be clean vocals in it, i cant listen to straight up screaming a whole song. Something like a combination of my two favorites. But aside from all of that, the MOST IMPORTANT THING is the lyrics have to be mean something - It cant be complete jibberish like BVB and whatnot. And the band has to have more than just one song with the discription i gave. Heres a list of bands that I've trid, not saying I don't like them, but they aren't new to me: In Fear And Faith Asking Alexandria Amyst Alesana Confide Abandon All Ships Adestria All That Remans As I Lay Dying At The Onset Atreyu Attack Attack! BVB Capture The Crown Close Your Eyes Four Years Strong Crown The Empire A Day To Remember Demon Hunter Dream on Dreamer Emmure Escape the Fate Fear from the Hate For Today Get Scared I See Stars I Set My Friends on Fire Killswitch Engage Phinehas And many more. But if Its not listed up here and you think it fits let me know! Appreciate it!