Where can I find some really cheap Bluefish Sperry Topsiders?

I’m looking for really cheap (20-30 dollars) or as cheap as you can find. Just the plain originals–no fancy patterns or detailing. Size 8 or 8 and a half if you need it. Thanks in advance!

Answer #1

Okai what the heck is a Bluefish Sperry Topsider? —if i know what it is,i can try looking into a few sites that might sell what you are looking for. But what are those?

Answer #2

Well their website for one, or Journey’s or Belk, that’s where I’ve gotten all 3 pairs of my sperry’s.

Answer #3

Haha–Women’s Boat Shoes

Answer #4

http://funadvice.com/r/3kc8kvqnor hopefullly that helps :) you can edit the search and make set the color and price you want to search for

Answer #5

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