How do you find a career to become a leader?

Answer #1

What kind of leader?

Answer #2

It depends what you want to be a leader of. You can lead anathing as long as you are good at it and try your best. You can lead your own company, of anathing, like of advertisement, insurance and stuff like that. You can be the manager of a company, you can even be the president, and be the leader of the company. So it depends.

Answer #3

it all depends on what kind of leader you want to be …leader of a sporting team, a scouting club, a company, different industries require different qualifications

Answer #4

It depends on what your interests are and what sort of people you want to ‘lead’ and how you want to lead them. Certainly being a very high person in a chain of workers means a lot of work for you to do, once you are at your goal leader position, and working up to it. Being a leader/manager/group head/boss etc is an important job full of responsibility. You don’t leave work when you walk out the doors every evening, you never leave work. Being in charge of people means you will always be working. You don’t have to be the leader at the very top of the organizational pyramid. You could lead between 2-2000 people. Just not overnight. I suggest you decide what it is you actually want to do, what field you want to study in, then figure out what you need to do to manage/lead a particular wing.

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