Do you find Jen Aniston or Angelina Jolie more appealing, and do you think Brad Pitt is really happier now?

Of course I’m not in Brad’s shoes, but I have always thought that Jen is just a doll as well as a super cool down to earth gal. Angelina on the other hand, not really all THAT georgious, as the media used to always say. You should have stuck with Jen Brad, you big dummy. She really loved you.

Answer #1

Jen is a beautiful, kind and amazing woman and any guy would be lucky to have her. Ange on the other hand, although a great actress, is mainly considered attractive in a sexual way, if that makes sense. As for Brad, he’s an actor, maybe we’ll never know if he’s happier or not.

Answer #2

To me, Jen is sexier. Ange is too skinny with no shape. As for Brad, well, now he’s packing around 19,000 kids with Ange giving the orders is my conjecture. Jen would have loved to be a mother and stay married to Brad.

Answer #3

Actors and actresses are usually married to their work. I consider Jenifer Aniston to be very cute but not beautiful. Angelina Jolie certainly has an interesting look; a little scary to me; definitely not my type. Brad Pit gets around. He has hooked up with several costars over the years. Not convinced he has really settled down.

Answer #4

Angelina Jolie.<3(:

Answer #5

Right scary. Ange is just a one nighter if even that. But Jenifer, I’d cook breakfast for.

Answer #6

Both seem to be in stable relationships but to me the two hottest actresses now are Catherine Zeta-Jones and Naomi Watts. Charlize Theron is pretty easy on the eyes and as far as I know available.

Answer #7


Answer #8

Angelina Jolie was hot in the tomb raider days but now she’s just ugggh, Jennifer Aniston is definitely more attractive, and filletofspam I agree, Catherine Zeta Jones is smoking hot!!

Answer #9

JEN all the way!! I think shes beautiful and really sweet.SO i would deff. say jen i love her shes an amazing actress ♥

Answer #10

I think Jen carries herself better, She seems more traditional and faithful. I think Jen is more attractive for the whole package.

Answer #11

Jen definatly. My man thinks Angelina is not all that either. says she looks scary lol

Answer #12

Yep. It’s a no brainer for me, Jen beats Ang on every level.

Answer #13

Yep. It’s a no brainer for me, Jen beats Ang on every level.

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