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I just bought final fantasy 7 and im finding that befor I go and do the next task at hand, I have to p*ss around for like 2hrs and lvl up and get better stuff, am I just that bad, or is anyone els getting this dilema?

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haha I dont mean to laf but I had final fantasy when I was 8 years old and completed it im 17 it cam out in 1997

na what I found easy was to basically any battles you get into. fight them dont run away I no it can be really long to right every 3 seconds but when you level up your like yer thats kl and then while your running around looking for new harder enemies you also find new items new materia etc

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dude. final fantasy 7 is AWESOME!!! Cloud is sooo cool. I get hooked up too. did you know about the movie they made? it's called FF7: Advent Children. if ya don't, CHECK IT OUT...

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If you play the game to it's fullest capacity, it should take you about 80 to 90 hours to complete.

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no not really I dominate over final fantasy I-XIII

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its a general thing in all final fantasy games, big and small, they get addictive, the more you play, so you just go insane about leveling up

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Gaining XP and better equipment, is part of the RPG experience. The ENTIRE game will be less difficult, if you just spend a long period of time early in the game, leveling up.

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