what should I do wille fingering a girl I mean I kiss her neck and and mouth and I’ve done the hole gabe her boob thing, but you no I cant read her mind, am I doing stuff right?

advice please?

Answer #1

Move slow but give enough pressure. Kissing her neck is great but start doing more with your tongue. Instead of grabbing her boobs, lick her nipples or gently nibble above them. I absolutely loved when my boyfriend went down on me while he was also fingering. If you arent ready for that, just kiss slowly down her stomach or something sexy.

Answer #2

Not too hard make it slow and stimulate her clit whilst you do it, neck kissing is also very good! You will know if she enjoying it besides whats up with asking her?

Answer #3

if her muscles tighten up, or she bites her lips, moans, squeezes her legs or your body. she will like it

best thing to do, is hold her hand, and when shes crushing your hand, means your doing a good job lol

Answer #4

well I like it when you finger me and kicin me deeply whilst looking into my eyes

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