File I downloaded won't play on any of my players!!!

I downloaded a file from uTorrent. It’s a video file but it won’t play on any of the players that I have. It doesn’t even tell me what type of file it is, it just says file. Its a little difficult to explain…there is an icon by the file and its like a boc with little different colored dots in it. Its really confusing. It won’t play on DivX player, Zoom player, Windows Media Player, Windows Media Player Classic, iTunes, flvplayer, or QuickTIme player. I need help =(

Answer #1

try the GOM player, its a great player in general, does EVERYTHING. and plays a f*ck load of file types

Answer #2

download k-lite codecs for media player

Answer #3

Download K-Lite Full Pack and it should fix all of your video ,music problems!

Answer #4

we need to know the file type, no one here will be able to help you based on the little information you gave

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