How do i figure out if he isnt playing games with me?

Answer #1

He will care if he genuinely likes you.. He will give u a lot of time.. He will try to give u a kiss every now n then.. He will never avoid your calls.. He will call and text you on his own.. He will try to keep you happy always even if he is sad..

Answer #2

And if u still feels he is playin games.. Be friends with one of his close friends with whom he shares all his secrets.. Earn his friends trust and ask his friend if he is playing games or not..

Answer #3

that makes a lot of sense! thank you sooo much. I can’t believe a guy actually answered! =)

Answer #4

Lord. No. This is called manipulation, and if he’s a good friend to the guy, he won’t tell you either way. Just ask the guy. Politely, and seriously. These kinds of things, going behind the guy’s back, will just get you into trouble in the end.

Answer #5

Get him to do something (I dunno what I dunno the situation you’re in) that will prove his love for you. For example not going to his best mates Birthday party but spending time with you because you’re upset about something.Something like that I hope you get what I’m suggesting.

Answer #6

Can we get some more info so we can help anwer that?

Answer #7

Can we get some more info so we can help anwer that?

Answer #8

i met this guy like 2 or 3 months ago. I see him almost every weekend until last week when he came to my house and wanted me to go out with him on thanksgiving day. I had asked him to come and join me since I wanted to spend time with him and my family, he said “maybe next time”. I have seen all the signs that he did want to be with me until that day. He told me he wanted something serious with me and that I needed to stop playing with him and his feelings. I don’t always want to be all serious with a guy, I want to be able to joke with him but well be serious when it’s called to do so.

Answer #9

if he didnt look into ur eyes n keep on iqnoring u than hes not into u

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