Is it wrong if I get them back?

I was in a fight lastnight 1 guy wanted 2 fight me b/c I wasnt from his town, but when I was fighting 4 other guys came outta knowhere and well… You imagine what happened I was on my own and now I have 2 broken ribs and a pretty sore head.. I didnt go 2 the hospital because the doc has better things 2 do, and im not a snitch so no cops… But I have 7 brothers aho are world class fighters and im a kickboxer, is it wrong if I get them back? I know revenge is wrong but… My ribs. :(

Answer #1

mate, your gonna know what im gonna say.. I got your back! do what you want to do.. go with your gut feeling. you’d no by now that I say revenge is good.

mate, we are very similar people… of course am kinda “concerned” bout your ribs and all, mate, for me, amanda, and all the others, go to the doc, I don’t want not be talking to you in a few days because you did something and your ribs burst one of your organs. you good great mate, nad a good man. go woth the gut feeling. and btw gimme a call if you gonna get revenge!! I got your back!! ;) :)

Answer #2

im not in school got threw out, and im not worried for me, im worried 4 them. lol

they shud be 2. :P

Answer #3

Ow! Because Your Not From Their Town That Is Soo Out Of Orderr! Lil Peices Of Shxt! Don’t Fight Back , Maybe Go To A New School Even If You Only Just Started That 1 But don’t Say Why

Answer #4

awhhh): dale, I hope yer okayyy!

my opinion is that yu shouldnt fight backk. cause what if yu get even more hurtt. and yer brothers can be in trouble if they fight, cause theyre world class fighterss. lifes fairr, theyre gana get bad karma fer messing wtih youu. I hope yu will be okayyy!

Answer #5

thanks manda, means a lot 2 me. :)

well only because you said so I wont fight, and thanks to everyone else for there support and help, deeply appreciated. :D

Answer #6

wow. yea you have two broken ribs and if you arent gonna snitch, and if you wanna fight back you could get in a lot of trouble. this do what makes the most sense. the guy who fought you for not being from his town, is highly on drugs. he makes no fuding sense. The towns not his, so it doesnt make him anything. he shouldnt be fighting you for that. either you kick back some butts or call the cops. you gotta get somethin back from then, because you aint do nothing wrong.

Answer #7

1: why is this in the relationships and love pile of questions

2: revenge is never the answer have you never seen star wars?

3: having said that if I were in your position I would want nothing more than swift, brutal revenge.

4: go to the doctors! are you silly!!? why wouldnt you go to the doctors when you have cracked ribs

5: they arent even from your town and probably dont know who you are, have their smarmy little asses carted off to prison!

Answer #8

well princesslu 1)thank you so much for your concern. :D I really appreciate that. ;) 2)dont you think this is 1 time I SHUD fight back? yea they might get in trouble which is the only thing stopping me telling them right now.. (I told them I fell) lol

Answer #9

haha actually it is his town, his dad is head of the INLA (look it up) and it was there plan 2 jump me, those scumbags dont fight 1V1 I shudda knew that.. >:(

Answer #10

Omg I hope your ok. well im going to tell you do not do it. Revenge is sweet..but sometimes not worth it. And this might be one of those times. Your brothers could get serious trouble..especialy since they are world class fighters. Don’t do it.

Answer #11

1: I dont know.. lol

2: do I look like a guy who watches star wars?

3: hell yea!!

4:there broke and yea im pretty silly. :P

5:they know me! and there like 17/18 years old so it wud be juve which is nothing! and I live like a half mile from the border. =/

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