Fender = Sh*t Gibson = Awsome

anyone agree?

no one is gonna change my mind, just curious to c if im the only one

Answer #1

I have problems with both, though I also own both.

Fenders have feedback issues when distorted, and Gibsons are generally too expensive, too heavy, and have high-end (bright/treble) restrictions because of the dense construction.

Each are also more suited for their own specific set of applications.

Answer #2

I kinda feel like Fenders are too beginer for me, lol well all the beginers I know play a fender, it;s also becoming overrated, too many posers own them. ooh and xsirpsychox, the reason they are more expensive is because they are BETTER. lol. j/k…but really. In my opinion Gibson is WAY better than fender.

no doubt about it.

Answer #3

…they DO make Strats with a bridge humbucker. It greatly reduces the feedback, but not enough.

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