Fencing gear

Is it worth buying my own fencing equipment ie jacket, foil and mask when I’m only at club level and don’t feel ready for competitions yet. (my club has foils, masks and jackets to borrow) Is there anywhere to get them second hand and which manufacturer is best for new stuff?

Answer #1

ya I did fencing buy it used and then if you ever quit you can ussually seel it at a used equipment store

Answer #2

Check with other people who used to be in the fencing club (eg, they might have second hand gear) and imho, no, it’s not worth getting your own, I did six months of fencing in college & then got burnt out :)

In terms of brand, etc…well, if you’re in a club, they’d have a good idea, far better than people on FunAdvice (afaik, we don’t have an fencers that participate regularly).

Amazon / or another sporting goods website that carries supplies & has ratings, reviews, etc, should be good to help decide if you go with new gear.

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