Is there a female singer or band like Emilie Autumn?

Answer #1

If you like her check out - Kittie, Lacuna Coil, Otep (a little heavier though), Alice in Videoland, Hole, Garbage, Jack off Jill.

Answer #2

amberian dawn, porclin & the tramps, forever slave, nightwish, flowing tears, kidney thieves, epica, dragon fly, nemesea, Demether, gothica, lunitica, sirenia, delian, unsun, echoes of eternity, elegeion, lullacry, omega lithium, the sins of thy beloved, deep dish, elis, angel zoon, within temptation, after forever, blackthorn, katra, setanera enjoy

Answer #3

forgot to mention=> dirty harry

Answer #4

angtoria, arch enemy, fire fight, holy moses, atum, alchera, addiction crew, theature of tragedy, tapping the vein, mandragora scream

Answer #5

Amy Lee is a darker, heavier EA but they are both so kickass :D

Answer #6

thank you.

Answer #7

not a problem oh, there’s also Leaves Eyes XD

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