How does a female quint her vagina?

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Maybe you mean quiffe. It can happen as a result of sex. If for some reason a woman wanted to do these on her own maybe you should do some kegel exercises.

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Well, if she "Quiffs" thats just extra air entering the vagina, usually happens after, in some cases during sex. Some women can do it with their own vagianal muscles or moving their body in a way. (some can do it whilst upside down.)

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Don't follow these noobs... Quint is when a girl using their vagina to hold or grip a guys D**K, just think of it as blinking ur eyes, or using your hand to hold a guys penis, just the same. Mostly done buy Jamaican women. Guys love the feeling because its intense.

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My Trinidadian girl does it too,, grip my cocky very firm sometimes. I love it! She's the best

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