feelings during pregnancy?

ok im 19 and not planning on having kids yet :) but am just a little curious about something. Anyone that is pregnant or been pregnant will be able to answer this - Do you ever get a bit squemish feeling when you think about the fact that there is something growing inside you or does it feel completely natural? and once you are further into pregnncy do you get very worried about hurting the baby when you move around quickly etc?
Slightly weird questions I know but I had a weird dream where I was pregnant and felt all funny and tender and squemish (the only word I can think of to describe it hehe) about it. so had to ask!

Answer #1

It was a very natural and wonderful thing for me…to this day, the idea of being pregnant gives me a sense of longing.

You’re well aware that it’s your child growing in there, and not a parasite, lol

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