Why do I have this feeling in my right arm?

Y’know when you fall and you put your hands out to save yourself and you graze them? I have that feeling all up my right arm. Only, there’s no marks there. It’s just sore to touch and hurts even more when I touch cold things. It started this morning on my palm but now it’s spread nearly to my shoulder. What is it?

Answer #1

Could it be that you sweat and then sat in the air draft, or otherwise over strained that arm? That could cause a painful tension in the muscle. Worse than normal sore muscles. I had that in my neck the other day. Couldn’t sleep, couldn’t move… X-(

Answer #2

I didn’t sit in an air draft OR over strain it… I play guitar all the time.. and my strumming hand is the arm that has the feeling in it.. Could that be it?

Answer #3

Possible. If you aren’t used to playing that much. Get a pain relieving gel and have someone massage it before it gets worse. Or try if putting something warm on it helps. A hot bath might be good, too. Get well soon.

Answer #4

Okayy, thanks =)

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