Why do i feel like a pulsing in random parts of my body sometimes?

Like in my leg or something it'll just pulse idk how to describe it and it happens randomly sometimes..

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Like it starts throbbing for a few seconds and stops?

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loose weight on lower part of body

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I don't know what it's called or what the proper term is. But I can assure you that you aren't the only one and it's nothing to worry about.

Random Twitches
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ok thnx

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In my religion it is believed to be a sign/omen of something. Like when it happens with your under-eye muscle, it means that you are going to cry soon. If that happens to your left hands, you are going to get something from someone. etc. of course it does not make sense LOl but taht is what we believe :-D

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Maybe a muscle spasm? My mom says you get then from lack of sleep. It happends to me from time to time.. -Katie :D

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Snds like a nerve being hit which causes ur eye to twitch

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Its your body trying to tell you that you dont have all the control.

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I am so sorry, it is not RELIGION but REGION. My bad....

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You have a nerve and it just jumps a bit sometimes, as you've noticed, (lol) and it can be for several reasons. You could be over anxious or stressed, you may have overworked your body, or there may just be a random fluctuation. My dad's a doctor, and that's what he said.

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