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What should I do when I feel like all hope is lost?

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I've been depressed for a while but usually i can fight it. however i just feel like giving up now, nothing ever gets better. No matter how hard I try or if im talented or anything, or if i try to give it all i got it never matters. People just dont care about me. It seems like the only contribution i have is being a sex toy(ive only slept with 2 guys so im not a slut). Guys just have no interest getting to know me, ive tried talking to the so called "nice guys" and the "theater kids" and every spectrum but its always the same. If i dont want to put out then they dont care they'd rather hit on my friends, it just shows how worthless i am.I'm just ready to give up, im tied of this world. No one would care if i died, or maybe thats the only way they would...I just have no place here and I dont know what to do): ...