Why don't i feel emotionally scarred?

This is probably the most stupid question you guys have read, but basically I was raped last week, and im in shock but i dont feel like frightend or disgusted or upset etc... is there a reason? will all these feelings come later on? I dont even cry when i speak about it.. although i cry about it at night when im alone..

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Its only been a week for starters. Also, every person handles trauma and bein ra.ped diffrently. Some will break down emotionally right away and some will just go on with their lives. Its better if you talk to someone about it now since it just happened. Just because emotionlly fine doesnt mean it wont affect you in the future if you dont open up about it. I was ra.ped in my late teens and felt the same way. I was upset for a day or so and then i just seemed to move on. I had great friends at the time and talked to a counselor that helped me work through it though.

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I was raped about a year n a quater ago, I havnt been scarred by it much....when i see people who look like him i get a bit upset, he was someone i knew and trusted, so my trust for people in general has been effected but i dont feel frightened or disgusted or anything. It can take a while for thoughs feelings to effect you, thats what my counsellor said anyway, he knew about it but i wouldnt talk about it, so he simply told me that it may effect me weeks/months/years later down the line. if your crying about it when your alone, i agree that you do need to talk to someone about it, maybe in depth. im sorry it happened to you xxx

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Like you said, you're in shock. There's no right or wrong way to experience or deal with a trauma. Emotions will come. What emotions, how strong they are, how you deal is all different based on the individual. I will say this (although it did come from a slightly biased perspective), but in general people who talk and process the event sooner rather than later tend to have more positive outcomes. I suggest you seek some sort of support.

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